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Annual Feng Shui Forecast using Ba Zi Analysis

My annual Fengshui Bazi analysis and forecast is available free via this blog.
Ba Zi reading, or the western world would like to term it as the "Four Pillars of Destiny", is based on an ancient Chinese Metaphysics art classified under Feng Shui.

As each month progresses, I will post news articles to track the accuracy of my destiny analysis and forecast for the Year. I hope you will find this a useful guide for planning and decision making pertaining to the aspects of live, work, play and learn for the Chinese solar calendar year, which last for 12 months from the start of Spring around 4 to 5 Feb, annually.

Forecast vs Reality
Let’s look at how my current for 2008 worked out, compared to what really happened for Business & Investments and Properties.

Best Wishes
Aloysius Sim

BaZi Life Destiny Analysis and Consultation Services

I provide BaZi Life Destiny Analysis and Consultation service as a paid service for those who wish to have a complete Life Analysis done, in confidence.

If you feel that life has disappointed you for many years and needed to understand what destiny has bestowed upon you and how to make informed decisions with regard to your life destiny, email to bazi.destiny@gmail.com

Please introduce yourself, gender, your country of birth and residence.

Describe the problems you are facing and the questions you need answers for.

And provide the Date and Time of Birth in the following format:
Day - Month - Year e.g. 31 December 1960
Time e.g. 16:45

A sample report for this paid service can be viewed at Bazi Life Analysis Report.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Third Quarter Review of Forecast for Year of the Ox 2009

With the start of the third quarter of Ji 己 Chou 丑 Year 年, it seems that my forecast on Xi, 喜 (Happiness) Relationship Characteristics, Strengths and Weaknesses for 2009 is highly visible in Thailand.

His Majesty the King of Thailand, in his speech on 21 August 2009, commented "Right now it can be said that our country (Thailand) is going towards ruin, (it) is moving without direction."..."I'm worried that Thailand is falling into ruin, but you people (of Thailand) could still save it from sinking further."

His Majesty the King called his people to a greater awareness to stop Thailand from declining into ruin due to a lack of unity and cooperation among different sectors of Thailand's society.

His Majesty the King further commented "But if people are working together ... the country will prosper," reminding the country that in order for Thailand's national development efforts to make progress, those with the knowledge, wisdom and the will to work must cooperate and bring about win-win actions to restore peace and unity to the country.






Monday, 10 August 2009

Second Quarter Review of Forecast for Year of the Ox 2009

As the second quarter of Ji 己 Chou 丑 Year 年 come to past, I would like to take a retrospective review of my Bazi Annual Forecast for the second quarter of 2009 and look at the hits or misses of my forecast.

In my earlier free Bazi Annual Forecast for 2009, I advised the following:

Xi, 喜 (Happiness) Relationship Characteristics, Strengths and Weaknesses Forecast for 2009

The Year chart pattern of Imposing Authority together with the Day Master determines the general characteristics for the year. The Ox year 2009 is characterized by hardships and challenges which can become imposing and daunting to many, especially when faced with increased competition, reckless risk taking, poor financial management skills, reduction of wealth, manipulation by scheming individuals and vengeful counter-actions.

However, those with high tolerance and vigour, coupled with brave and decisive win-win actions, will be able to overcome the odds and external pressures.

Flexibility, perseverance and discipline are the key strengths to success this year while over contemplation and anxiety are weaknesses that will lead to greater insecurity, depression and extremism.

Lu, 禄 (Affluence) Trades and Professions Forecast for 2009

With the Deity of Imposing Authority as the year chart pattern, trades and professions that will be prominent this year includes the armed forces, police force, scholars, educationists, doctors, judges, the legal profession and specialist in business re-organisation.

It is now 6 months into the solar calendar year of 2009, global news reports indicated the above trend to be highly visible

July 2009

The Henry Louis Gates arrest incident in United States (US) that generated international media coverage and a debate about racial issues. President Obama, in siding with Gates, remarked the police acted "stupidly". This in turn drew criticism from members of the US law enforcement and opened public debate on the incident. Eventually, all was settled amicably through a "Beer Summit" on the invite of a "very wise, very sage" President Obama.


Now the above entire incident in my view is most intriguing as it combined two (2) of my observations on Xi, 喜 (Happiness) Relationship Characteristics, Strengths and Weaknesses Forecast with Lu, 禄 (Affluence) Trades and Professions Forecast.

The incident involves 3 parties who are also very prominent in their careers:
  • The President of United States who played the role of the Deity of Imposing Authority in this case by first passing judgement and then acted as mediator;
  • Scholar & Educationist (Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr); and
  • The Law Enforcement and Police Force (Sgt James Crowley).